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Feb 07 2017

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Blog February 2017

Well, here we are in the cold, dark days of winter when we all feel like hibernating, but don’t be deceived!  Spring is on the way and there are lots of things to be doing now for a successful gardening year.

Harlow Carr Winter Garden Structure

Harlow Carr showing the bare bones of the garden in winter

The number one thing we recommend is getting out into your garden and critically having a look at its structure.  Winter is a good time to do this as the hard landscaping and evergreen plants come to the fore when all the deciduous and herbaceous plants have gone dormant.  Ask yourself this:

  • Is the garden interesting?
  • Are the hard surfaces slippy and are there any damaged areas?
  • How does the garden make me feel?
  • What bits do I like? Why do I like them?
  • What bits don’t I like? Why don’t I like them?

If you feel stuck, why not come and talk to us and see if we can help you improve your garden?  It’s helpful to bring a few photos for us to look at if you do want some advice.

A garden in winter can still look really great and after all, it’s the time of year when we all need the most cheering up.

Talking of cheering up! The early spring flowers are starting to come through.  There’s nothing like a few cheery prims grinning at you from the front door to put a spring in your step!

PrimrosesCheery Prims!

SnowdropsSnowdrops, heralds of Spring.

February is the time to get out and look at snowdrops.  We have lots of great gardens in the North East hosting snowdrop walks and events.  To find out more and join in with half-term snowdrop planting click here.

If you didn’t quite get round to putting bulbs in the autumn, don’t worry, we have all the main ones available in pots.  Enjoy them now and plant them out in the knowledge that they’ll be back next year in bigger numbers.

Remember, it’s Valentine’s Day on 14th February and there’s nothing like giving a bouquet of flowers to someone to show your appreciation of them.  You can place an order with us for a bunch of fresh flowers or pop in and choose a plant as a Valentine’s gift that will last.  We can gift wrap too and deliver locally. Also, have a go at the competition to win a bunch of roses, please click here.

RosesClassic Red Roses